Civil War Reenactment Organization
           Headquarters, Virginia Forces,
      The 9th Virginia, the Old Dominion Guard was mustered into the State of Virginia armed forces in the spring of 1861 and marched behind General Armstead to the angle at Gettysburg.   The company is currently attached to the Southern Legion, 8th Battalion, 1st. Division of the Army of Northern Virginia {ANV}.  Due to attrition from the years of continuous action, the unit is actively seeking new recruits to train as riflemen.
      The 9th Va. is a group of living historians who portray the life and times of the Civil War Confederate Soldier as well as the life of civilians of the period.  The goal of our company is education.  We are constantly striving to improve our impressions and drill.  As a family oriented unit based in the New York tri-state area, we welcome anyone with a real interest in Confederate History. If you are a Civil War enthusiast and of like mind, then this is the place for you!

                   All able-bodied volunteers should contact the Company:

                               or any of the Company Staff
                       D.L. Goliger, Lt. Col. -
                     G.S. Bateman, Capt. -

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    D.L. Goliger, Lt. Col. Commd'g at Montross

May 30th, 1863

Company K